Live Heatpump

Air/water heat pumps and solar boilers

measured and compared to gas and heating oil heaters

Archive data from October 2, 2010 till October 2, 2015

General heat pumps use less energy than any oil or gas fired condensing boiler. They guarantee a pleasant indoor temperature and hot water all year round. Always, also at winter temperatures.
We prove this on this website. In 2010, we placed measuring equipment in several houses that are heated with a Waterstage air/water heat pump, a gas fired condensing boiler, a heating oil heater and a pool with a Poolstage heat pump. For 5 years, you have been able to follow the results ‘live’ on this website. On October 2, 2015, we stopped live measurements. However, all results remain available as an archive and can continue to be used for comparative purposes.